Government Council meetings will once again be held remotely

At its council meeting on July 1, the government decided to resume remote meetings, due to the outbreak of Covid infections.


Le chef du gouvernement Saâd-Eddine El Othmani opte pour le distanciel.

The Head of Government, Saâd-Eddine El Othmani, noted in his opening address to the Council of Government that « the epidemiological situation in Morocco has become worrying, following the increase in the number of cases, and that the number of active cases has almost doubled in the last two weeks, as has the number of critical cases and the hospital occupancy rate ».

A « clear signal » to the public

In view of these developments, El Othmani noted that « the government has decided to return to holding its meetings remotely, to emphasize the seriousness of the situation, which cannot be underestimated, and to give a clear signal to the public ».

The Head of Government reiterated his appeal to citizens and institutions to redouble their efforts, demonstrate great vigilance, and respect the necessary precautionary measures, to avoid any deterioration in the epidemiological situation, as is the case in many countries.